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Express Duplication (CD-R & DVD-R duplication services in 24 Hrs.)
Our company pioneered the CD-R duplication service with turnaround time in 24 hours. We can accept CD duplication job up to 1,000 copies and to delivered the next day. Our next-day duplication service includes duplication, color label on CD, For large quantity CD copying, we can provide CD Replication services to produce any quantity of CD-ROM to meet anyone’s requirement completed with color printing on CD, printed colors in-lay covers, packaging into jewel box and distribution to final destination.

Pre-mastering & Encoding Services
We provide encoding services for the conversion of analogue formats ( VHS, Betacam, Laser Disc etc.) to digital VCD MPEG-1 and DVD MPEG-2 formats using the industry’s standard MINERVA encoder. We provide data conversion from computer floppy disk, hard-disk and magnetic tapes to CD-R or CD-RW media for easy and durable data back-up requirement.

Multimedia Digital Audio Voice-Over ( VO ) Editing Services
Our company provide digital audio editing for voice-over ( VO ) for the multimedia software program development ( like for use in Macromedia’s Autoware and Flash). We provide sound recording and digital voice-over ( VO ) editing for “storyboard” production.

Malaysia’s first 24 hours CD-ROM duplication service that provide the best and most competitive duplication service for data (CD-ROM) , audio ( Audio CD ) and video ( VCD ) reproduction. Our duplication services start from duplication of one single copy only to the production of 500 copies in just 24 hours. Our one-stop duplication centre provide CD-R duplication services from A to Z. We provide error-free CD-R duplication, CD-R surface printing and labeling, 4 colours in-lay cards printing plus final packaging with jewel box, all under one roof. Our facilities include the making arrangement to distribute of clients’ products to their final destination.

DupliSoft  duplication service incorporate per-mastering service for the conversion of analogue format ( e. g, Betacam and VHS tapes ) to digital MPEG - 1 ( VCD ) and MPEG -2 ( DVD ) formats. This service offers our customers who required fast and good quality encoding service plus making the required number of copies for distribution in our one-stop facility.

DupliSoft  duplication service offers a unique one-stop solution to both small businesses and large corporations for CD-ROM duplication facility. DupliSoft  offers the fastest turnaround time for CD-ROM copying no matter how small or big is your duplication requirement.
For business and organisation that required large quantity production of completed CD-ROM, our company provides the best and most economical CD-ROM replication solution in Malaysia. This replication service is for the reproduction of CD-ROM from A to Z for large quantities from 1,000 units to several thousands units. Our unique one-stop production facility offers fast delivery of completed CD-ROM in under four working days ( usually depending on the complexity of the artwork and in-lay printing ) by our truly experienced replication personnel.

RepliSoft  replication service incorporate the pre-mastering of Gold master disk, glass mastering with CD stamper making, injection replication of polycarbonate, 4 color silk-screen printing on CD surface, 4 colors in-lay cards printing, final packaging into jewel box into and distribution to customers, all in our one-stop facility.
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